Spain’s financial sector:
Current trends and future challenges

Letter from the Editors

Macro scenarios

The Spanish economy:
Scenarios for 2018-2020

The correction of a number of key macroeconomic imbalances in the wake of the crisis has strengthened the country’s ability to withstand potential ...


Bank profitability ten years
after the crisis: The digital opportunity

The latest quantitative indicators for the European banking sector largely show improvement in the ten years following the financial crisis. Despite ...

Private equity

Recent trends in Spain´s private equity market

Despite a somewhat slow start, in 2017, Spain’s private equity market experienced record levels of investment and a recovery in fundraising activity ...


Spanish banks ahead of MREL: 
Estimating projected issuance for compliance

In response to greater regulatory clarity and favourable market conditions, Spanish banks have already issued over a quarter of their MREL requirements in ...

SME finance

Bank financing for micro and small
enterprises: Spain in the European context

In, Spain, the weight of micro and small enterprises is the most relevant to the productive landscape. Like their EU counterparts, Spanish micro and small ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
Prepared by the Regulation and Research Department of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA)
Spanish economic forecasts panel: March 2018
Funcas Economic Trends and Statistics Department
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Economic Indicators
50 Financial System Indicators
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