Spanish banks: Resisting a difficult climate

Letter from the Editors

The Spanish and European banking
sectors today and prospects for 2017

Although market conditions and profitability/asset management challenges remain real risks for the Spanish banking system, the intense effort in these areas by ...

Bank margins and interest rates:
Spain in the context of the euro area

Although the expansionary monetary policy of the ECB initially had a positive impact on profitability, maintaining low interest rates over a prolonged period ...

Spain’s regional economic outlook:
On track for recovery amidst rising inequality

In line with the Spanish economy’s overall performance, regional governments remain broadly on track to recovery. Nevertheless, growth across the regions ...

The World Bank’s Doing Business in Spain 2015 report: Analysis and main conclusions

The World Bank’s recent report Doing Business in Spain 2015 reveals significant differences in regional regulations affecting business activity. ...

The strength of Spain’s external sector:
Beyond tourism flows

Spain’s trade balance has notably improved since before the crisis. Even in the context of existing challenges, and a recent slowdown in line with the ...

Introducing the right incentives for regulations
on commercial debt payment terms

Available results on the impact of recently introduced regulation on late payment of trade debt show they have had a limited impact on reducing late payments. ...

Just one business cycle in Europe

Recent global events have renewed interest in assessing the pattern of European business cycles. Results show increased comovements during periods of European ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Spanish economic
forecasts panel: November 2016
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