The Spanish
economy in 2018...and beyond

Carlos Ocaña, Director General of Funcas


The Spanish economy in
2017 and the outlook for 2018

Global economic growth is exceeding expectations and the outlook remains positive for 2018. In this context, Spain’s economy should stay on the solid and ...


EU and Spanish banking landscape in 2018:
Increased regulation and pressure to reduce NPLs

EU banks in 2018 will face an increased regulatory burden with three pieces of key regulation entering into force this year. In the meantime, progress on a ...


Basel III reforms and
implications for European and Spanish banks

The conclusion of Basel III reforms will, on the whole, increase capital requirements for European banks. Nevertheless, the reduction of regulatory uncertainty ...


Spain’s insurance sector:
Profitability, solvency and concentration

Spain’s insurance sector currently outperforms the country’s banking sector, as well as the EU average. That said, challenging conditions are bound ...


Spain’s VAT tax burden
in the wake of the recent economic crisis

Spain is among the EU-15 countries that has increased its standard VAT rate the most between 2002-2016. However, the high percentage of items still taxed at ...


European economic governance
reform: Moving past power politics

Analysis of European economic governance reform often focuses primarily on who wins and who loses in the intergovernmental bargaining. Unfortunately, this ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
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