The ongoing recovery in Spain´s external sector

Letter from the Editors

Now for the tricky part: Unwinding the European
Central Bank’s unconventional monetary policy stance

Outstanding issues surrounding the need for changes to the ECB’s unconventional monetary policy stance are related to timing, not to direction. However, ...

Characteristics of Spanish
employment creation during the 2014-2016 recovery

While latest available data confirm the recovery of Spanish employment, some of the undesirable aspects of the pre-crisis labour market remain in place. Active ...

Online banking in Spain: A customer snapshot

While it is premature to say with certainty, there appears to be considerable upside in terms of digital financial penetration in Spain. This trend is not only ...

The recovery of European and Spanish bank stock valuations

The latest increase in EU bank stock valuations appears to be driven more by factors other than fundamentals. Expectations of a more favourable regulatory and ...

House prices and income: Trending in the same direction for now

In the initial stages of post-crisis recovery, housing price growth has been matched by income growth. However, the lack of granular data and concerns over the ...

Non-price competitiveness factors and export
performance: The case of Spain in the context of the Euro area

Empirical evidence suggests that internal non-price/cost factors dominate over strictly price/cost elements in determining the external competitiveness of the ...

The link between previous experience
and survival of new export relationships in Spain

An empirical analysis of Spanish exporters’ survival rates shows that, while early-stage survival is difficult, new trade relationships make a ...

Spain’s tourism sector: Exceeding expectations

The strong recovery of Spain’s tourism sector since 2014 has helped it to become a key driver of economic recovery and growth of the Spanish economy. ...

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Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
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