The role of Spain’s financial sector: Taking stock of key metrics

Letter from the Editors

Export-led growth

Export-led growth in the euro area: Benefits and costs

The eurozone’s growth model is based on dynamic export markets, compensating for chronically weak domestic demand, leading to an external surplus which ...

Deposit facility

The potential impacts of changes to the ECB’s deposit facility

While an important tool for the ECB, the prolongation of negative interest rates has resulted in considerable costs for the region’s banks, as well as ...

Fintech disruption

The battle for global technological supremacy and the impact on banks

As trade tensions between the US and China have escalated, Big Tech firms have continued to compete for technological supremacy through their foray into the ...

Banking activity

How banked is Spain in the European context?

While there exists the perception that Spain is overbanked relative to other EU countries, the banking sector’s contribution to the Spanish economy (in ...

Banking systems

Banking-versus market-oriented financial
systems: Questioning the European-US paradigm

Based on the value of assets and certain stock metrics in each jurisdiction, conventional opinion holds that the EU banking system is ‘overcrowded’ ...

Regional governments

Regional governments’ market access: Takeaways from the European debate

The current macroeconomic environment represents an opportunity for reforming Spain’s system of regional government financing, which until now has relied ...

Business dynamism

Business dynamism in
Spain: Recent trends and outlook

Although business dynamism has recovered in Spain since the crisis, there has been a marked shift in the composition of companies, with self-employment now ...

Corporate taxation

The effects of corporate tax on corporate productivity: Impact at the micro-level

Although empirical evidence reveals a correlation between company size and productivity, the effectiveness of public policies designed to boost productivity by ...

Regulation and Economic Outlook
Recent key developments in the area of Spanish financial regulation
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